Tuesday, December 10, 2013

virtual paintout Iceland Demo

Painting Demo Blog Carnival-December. Here is a demo of my painting process. It is November's Virtual Paintout. The location is Iceland and this is an apartment building in Reykjavik. I was initially inspired by the blue aqua reflections in the windows and the brown ochre colors of the doors. The angles of the building and the slant of light would lend themselves to the form of the subject.

Other artists who are also participating in this Carnival of Artists are linked below.

                                           Here is the photo I picked from Google Maps

I wanted to emphasize the icy blues in the window reflections and the ochre browns of the doors. So looking at the color wheel, a triad composed of those colors and purples would determine the shadows of the building.

Colors used: Holbein Acryla Acrylics. Lamp Black, Marigold, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Compose Violet and Compose Blue.

                                                                  Sketched onto canvas


                                             Tone canvas with Raw Umber watered down.

                                             Add blues of sky and reflections in windows.

                                                          Add pure whites. lightest areas.

                                              Add greens of foliage. Ochre, Compse Blue and White

                                                    Marigold and Burnt Sienna for doors.

      Compose Violet and Compose Blue for shadows on building. Steps and asphalt are a grey
                                     made  of some Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber.

                                  Upper window is toned down to more of a aqua rather than the
                                                    straight Compose Blue  it was.

                                       Purples are toned down with white and Compose Blue.

                                                                           Finished piece


  1. Gorgeous! I remember this painting, I loved it. Your colors are sublime.